Copy standards

The copy standards dictate the rules used when showing user visible text, also known as copy in some circles. However, the rules also apply to variable naming conventions with some space/capitalization rules specific to the programming language applied.


Trajano is a Canadian company and uses the Canadian English spelling, with a fallback to UK English spelling.


  • Headers are in sentence caps.
  • “Internet” not “internet”
  • “intranet”

Word usage

Disambiguated spellings

This section specifies the preferred spelling for words

  • cancelled
  • e-mail, not email or electronic mail
  • log in, not logon or login if used as a verb, login can be used as a noun or adjective. Note that “Sign in” should be used when possible.
  • log out, not logoff or logout. Note that “Sign out” should be used when possible.
  • offline, not off-line
  • online, not on-line
  • plugin, not plug-in