Versioning standards

The organization uses the first three segments of Semantic Versioning for any artifact that is not POM only.

The version segment is organized as follows and all three segments are required.


The rules for incrementing the different version segments are:

  • MAJOR version when incompatible public API changes are made,
  • MINOR version when functionality is added in a backwards-compatible manner, and
  • PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug or build fixes.

What constitutes as public API

  • In Java sources, any class that is not in a package with internal
  • XML Schema
  • WSDL

Development snapshots

Development snapshots add a -SNAPSHOT specifier at the end.


OSS Contribution

There may be times when a change to an OSS package is needed. Contributions are versioned with a -trajano-[n] specifier at the end where n is an internal ID count.


These contributions will be deprecated as soon as the patch get merged to a released upstream version and are ingored in the version rules.

POM specific rule

For POM only projects, a single digit is used to denote the version with a point version representing bugfixes on POMs released to central.

This rule does not apply to multi-module project root POMs.