Core dependencies

The following table lists the core dependencies that are managed by the organization and are usually updated when this project, the organizational POM, is released.

These dependencies generally use the organizational POM that is at least one level behind the current one.

Artifact Type Purpose
net.trajano.maven.skins:twentyfourteen-maven-skin maven skin Generated site look and feel to match Archie’s Blog
net.trajano:coding-standards resource jar Defines the coding standards used by the organization projects.
net.trajano.mojo:cleanpom-maven-plugin maven plugin Cleans up pom.xml and other XML files for a project.
net.trajano.mojo:m2e-codestyle-maven-plugin maven plugin Configures the code style settings for Eclipse M2E.

As of version 14, net.trajano.wagon:wagon-git is no longer a core depenendency as the Maven generated sites are now published using SFTP which is provided by wagon-ssh.