Project reporting configuration

As of version 14 of the organizational POM. A large number of plugins have been configured to reduce the configuration needed for other projects when doing reporting.

At present there is no automated “upgrade” capability to synchronize pom.xml files. Therefore, this needs to be done manually.

Maven plugin projects

For Maven plugin projects, add the following plugin first.


This will enable the plugin reports which can be added to site.xml using the following

<menu name="Overview">
    <item href="index.html" name="About" />
    <item href="plugin-info.html" name="Plugin Documentation" />

Linkcheck exclusions

  • plugin-management.html is excluded because some plugins that this project would reference may point to invalid URLs namely sonar-maven-plugin and taglist-maven-plugin.
  • ../** is excluded because the references to them are not valid because the target site is not necessarily in the same folder.
  • success images/icon_success_sml.gif and warning images/icon_warning_sml.gif generate false negatives.
  • generates a 404 when a HEAD request is passed.
  • this is used by the Trajano DevOps intranet site which is not publically accessible.
  • generates a 999 when a HEAD request is passed.
  • 401 Unauthorized HTTP errors codes are accepted.