Standards Information Base (SIB)

The Standards Information Base or SIB is a database of facts and guidance about information systems standards. It details the components used to implement a technical reference model. To keep things simple, the SIB is used to list the technologies being used by the organization for the purpose of delivery.

Since it is a delivery organization, versions are not specified here to allow flexibility to move to newer versions without going through governance. Enterprises normally would define specifically supported versions.

Project and development management

There are two main development methodologies being exercised by the organization.

Organizational level tooling

The following tools are part of the organizational level tooling.

The following cloud services are used for projects as well.

  • Visual Studio Team Services. This tool is used for project level project management, issue tracking and version control (using Git). This is used only for private projects.
  • Slack is used a the organization team chat tool.

Open source tooling

There are a number of projects that are contributed to the community by the organization mostly under EPL-1.0. Though they are built and deployed from within the confines of the organization, cloud service tooling is heavily used to allow access to the greater community.

Authentication and authorization

There is only one way to access organization resources from the Internet and that is through an SSL Client Side Certificates. These certificates must be validated by a trusted certificate authority and the e-mail must be registered with the internal directory.

Last Published: 2016-10-29
Version: 13